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Independence Party of NY
Winter Meeting, February 11, 2012
34:45 min:sec

Independence Party of Queens
New York City
Video Coverage of the Independence Party of NY
County Committee Winter Meeting.

1. Rule Change
2. Political Calendar, 2012

February 11, 2012

1.    RULE CHANGE: After several procedural motions to open the meeting, Tom Connolly, IP vice chair, makes a motion for the rule change. A discussion to justify the rule change takes place. No matter how anyone in the room votes, the outcome of the rule change is a foregone conclusion; that is, the chair and vice chair came into the meeting with enough proxy votes for passage. The pros and cons for the rule change are two very compelling arguments, too weighty for this short video synopsis, and more properly deserve a full narrative. At this meeting only a pro discussion takes place.



2.    POLITICAL CALENDAR: The second part of the meeting is a lively discussion on the ramifications of the still up-in-the-air state-wide redistricting plan. The dates mentioned are all “soft targets” being aimed at by the state legislature, the governor, the courts, the candidates and the political parties. None of them agree. But, an eight hundred pound gorilla is stomping his way here, and due shortly – the federal election process. Somehow, like a NASA Mars mission, it must all happen within a very narrow window – candidate selections, petitions, primaries, absentee ballots – just 4 weeks away. Nobody knows how?




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