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Independence Party of NY
Endorsement for US Senate - Kirsten Gillibrand, March 11, 2012
11:16 min:sec

Independence Party of Queens
New York City
Video Coverage of the Independence Party of NY
County Committee Meeting.

The Cross-Endorsement of US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

March 11, 2012

   NO RESPECT: In a stunning 6 minute meeting, the New York State Independence Party moved tightly into the orbit of the Democratic Party. The Independence governing State Committee, some 200 elected District Leaders were present only on paper. The Democratic party had no one in attendance personally or by electronic media from either the candidate or their party. There was no keynote or acceptance speech. In short, the Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand cross-endorsement was a classic backroom deal by the party's beleaguered, mired in scandal leadership which apparently has lost all respect for itself.






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