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Reading The Indictment
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MaryRose, Mackay Exchange
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The Conley Cesspool Argument
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Buffalo Hijacked
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fait accompli
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Independence Party of Queens
New York City
Video Coverage of the Independence Party of NY
Spring 2013 Meeting at Albany, NY.

The Battle For Buffalo, NY

March 30, 2013

1.    Reading The Indictment. Long winded, dreary list of offences intended to discredit MaryRose's solid win at the Erie County ballot box in the 2012 N. Y. State Primary. Galileo must have endured a similar diatribe from the Grand Inquisitor. All that's missing here is the red cowl. Warning: Clicking here can be torturous.



2.    MaryRose, Mackay Exchange. Bear in mind, this meeting is a well planned sneak attack. No one in the room knows (except the attackers) itís a vicious smear until events unfold. This is Mackay's modus operandi to remove impediments between him and his ability to issue the Partyís Wilson Pakula (cross-indorsement) documents. Here he obviously covets the stateís second most populous region - Erie County. The meeting notice was intentionally deceptive, omitting any agenda and describing the meeting as "ordinary business" which was untrue.



3.    The Conley Cesspool Argument. Independence Party Vice President Tom Conley forcefully lunges for Erie County's Wilson Pakula power. His cesspool argument went viral in the Buffalo press.



4.    Buffalo Hijacked. The Resolution is read out loud - a carefully prepared document - which clearly tells the story behind the story. Nothing anyone can say will change the script. The Erie County Wilson Pakula will fall into Mackayís hands, as planned. This meeting is staged for the benefit of the New York State Board of Elections, which must accept the proceeding as valid. And of course, the State Committee members flimflammed into the room with a sham meeting notice make the perfect witnesses.

5.    fait accompli .



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