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Congressman Weiner 3:30

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Congressman Meeks 8:06

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Councilman Weprin 5:03

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Independence Party of Queens
New York City
Video Coverage - New American Democratic Club
Fundraiser at Taj Mahial in Queens.
Video Interviews by Mike Niebauer
Video Production: A James Struhs Production
Editor: joseph tiraco
      November, 2007

1.    Congressman Anthony D. Weiner appears to be mulling over a run for Mayor of New York City next year. He has been a stalwart friend of the Independence Party, but unlike Mayor Bloomberg, Congressman Weiner speaks out against the "pernicious elements" within our party that Bloomberg encouraged. Viva Weiner!

2.    Congressman Gregory W. Meeks ran successfully on the Independence Party line. He speaks here about the Children's Health Care package recently defeated by 13 votes in the house. Congressman Meeks plays down speculation that he may become the next senator from New York if Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States.

3.    Councilman David I. Weprin. chairs the New York City Council Finance Committee. He speaks about recent legislation, the New Immigrant Opportunity Initiative, very important to Queens because the large immigrant community is expected to swell by perhaps another million people within the next decade. He also anticipates entering the crowded race for NYC controller and is seeking the Independence Party line in 2009.




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