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A Struhs Brothers Production
Protest Against Councilman John Liu

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John Liu Protest

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John Liu Protest

Independence Party of Queens
New York City
Protest Against New York City Councilman John Liu,
for his open involvement with a corrupt sex cult

Video Production: William Struhs and James Struhs
Editor: joseph tiraco
      January 11, 2009

John Liu is a New York City Councilman (Democrat, Flushing, NY) who is running in 2009 for NY City Public Advocate. He either is either suffering a whopping lapse of judgement or a downright disregard for decency - and he's not alone in the city's pantheon of would-be gods. It appears the Big Apple is rotten to the core - Mayor Bloomberg and his billions have propped up this cult throughout his eight year tenure (his legitimate years) and he's back (casting aside Term Limits) negotiating (with the sex & politics gurus) a back door walk in, to the Independence Party ballot line and trying for the city's first "Illegitimate Mayoralty." The majority of the City Council is marching right behind him on a decent into Third-World politics, dragging our great metropolis into the bowels of political hell. In twenty-eight minutes of protest video, nine people are standing up against this blatant corruption - Nine against the richest, most powerful people in our society. This protest in the bone numbing cold of January promises to be the first in a long-hot summer of protest. "Come Grab a Sign"
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Commentary : joseph tiraco

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